EmTherm CR

EmTherm CR, is a Corona Resistant enamelled copper wire, belonging in HC (200°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.50 – 2.20 mm with three different insulation layers.

Providing thermal resistance up to 200°C, EmTherm-CR possess the feature of being winded at high speeds and is resistant against corona effect. Produced specially for inverter driven motors, it has a life time up to 10 times longer.

Fields of Use:

  • Inverter driven motors
  • Power transformers
  • Semi-hermetic compressor motors
  • Power bridges

EmTherm200, EmTherm CR
Corona Resistance Test

EmTherm200, EmTherm-CR
Test Conditions: 20kHz 1,5 kV p-p 155°C


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