EmTherm CR

EmTherm CR, is a Corona Resistant enamelled copper wire, belonging in C (220°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.50 – 2.20 mm with three different insulation layers.

Providing thermal resistance up to 220°C, EmTherm-CR possess the feature of being winded at high speeds and is resistant against corona effect. Produced specially for inverter driven motors, it has a life time up to 10 times longer.

Fields of Use:

  • Inverter driven motors
  • Traction motors
  • Power bridges
  • Semi-hermetic compressor motors

Technical Information

Thermal Class (°C)Class HC, 220 °C
Insulation | Base CoatTHEIC Modified
Insulation | Top CoatPolyamide Imide
Insulation | Bond CoatCorona
Production Range (mm) (mm)0.50 – 2.20 mm
Certification I.E.CIEC 60317 – 13
UL File No
Class Temerature (°C)220 °C
Heat Shock (°C)≥ 245 °C
Cut Through Temperature (°C)≥ 320 °C
Solderability (°C)Non solderability
Bonding Temperature (°C)Not Applicable
Re-Softening Temerature (°C)Not Applicable
Normal Solvent Resistance5H
Dipping Varnish ResistanceVery Good
Refrigerant ResistanceVery Good
Transformer Oil ResistanceVery Good
Distinct FeaturesGenerator,
Fields of UseAppropriate for inverter driven motors,
Excellent windability,
High colling spped and high mechanical resistance,
Long Life up to 10 times,
Resistant to Corona effect



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Comperative Corona Test


EmTherm200, EmTherm-CR EmTherm-CRPlus

Corona Direnç Test Koşulları: 20kHz 1,5 kV p-p 155°C