EmSold 180

EmSold 180, is polyurethane enamelled copper wire belonging under HB (180°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.03 – 1.10 mm.

Providing thermal resistance up to 180°C, EmSold 180 is possible to be produced also in red or green colours if requested.
It possess the feature of being solderable within 1-2 seconds at 380°C temperature.

Fields of Use:

  • Small motors and transformers
  • Solenoid coils
  • Relays

Technical Information

Thermal Class (°C)Class HB, 180 °C
Insulation | Base CoatModified Polyurethane
Insulation | Top Coat
Insulation | Bond Coat
Production Range (mm) (mm)0.03 -1.10 mm
Certification I.E.CIEC 60317 – 51
UL File No
Class Temerature (°C)180 °C
Heat Shock (°C)≥ 200 °C
Cut Through Temperature (°C)≥ 230 °C
Solderability (°C)> 380 °C | 1 sn
Bonding Temperature (°C)Not Applicable
Re-Softening Temerature (°C)Not Applicable
Normal Solvent Resistance3H – 4H
Dipping Varnish ResistanceGood
Refrigerant ResistanceNon Usable
Transformer Oil ResistanceNon Usable
Distinct FeaturesElectromechanical,
Fields of UseExcellent solderability low temparatures,
It can be produced red or green colours upon request of customer



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