“Dear EMTEL Enameled Wire and Cable C.O.


As YTU – Alternative Energy Systems Club, you have provided sponsorship support to our team. By trying to make the best use of this sponsorship you have given us, we have succeeded in making our electric motor to be established in the TUBITAK Productivity Challenge electric vehicles competition. We used copper enamelled wire, which is your sponsorship in our electric motor, and was awarded the efficiency record by winning the title of the most efficient aircraft in the 15-year competition history in our optional motor electromobile races. The success of the engine, which is designed and manufactured locally, has a great effect on our success. This is our sponsor for us, so we thank you. Instead of placing our EMTEL Logos in the appendix as required by sponsorship, placing our vehicle as visible as possible. Thank you for your support to our club and for being a member of the science of the future. “

The awards we have won this year as YTU-AESK Club:

– Second Place in Electromobile Competition

– Electromobile Efficiency Record Award

– Hydromobile Competition Winner

– Domestic Product Promotion Award

– Technical Design Award

– Autonomous Vehicle Championship​

We wish the success of Yildiz Technical University Alternative Energy Systems Club due to the awards they have won. As long as you are successful, we will give you all the support we can give to your team.

We, as Emtel, are always behind those who believe in and succeed in success.